Monday, February 9, 2015

Every year 1000’s of teens seek to become models. Many attend modeling “schools” where they spend $1000’s only to end up with a rudimentary knowledge of modeling, a cookie cutter portfolio and no real knowledge as to how the modeling business works. As a professional photographer I hear the horror stories of these “schools and agencies” who claim to make models. The reality ends up being a far different experience. I believe that it’s time for a change!

I have been a part of the modeling industry for many years and have helped to launch some pretty successful models. I build unique portfolios for each model I work with that showcase the model in the most professional light. Beyond the photos I have offered new models guidance in finding jobs, understanding the legalities of the business and provided mentoring services. These services are far different from what is taught at a normal modeling school. I believe there are opportunities for all types of models. Understanding the market and how to find jobs is an important part of any models journey in the industry.

If you are an aspiring model and want to learn more about the industry feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with the next generation of models. Take a moment to view my website at Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about modeling.

Friday, August 22, 2014

School has started for many students and thoughts turn to seniors and their last year of high school. What better way to remember your last year of school than some amazing senior pictures. Many photographers in the area continue to shoot the same back drops and locations year after year. My philosophy is very different from a traditional portrait photographer.

I start my photo sessions by long before I take my first picture. I like to know what the student enjoys and would like to have in their photos. Are there special places where you want to have your pictures taken? No problem. I custom tailor each shoot for the individual. Traveling to destinations like the Rock and Roll hall of fame, a country farm or anything in between is a great way to create lasting memories. Photo sessions should be fun and relaxing! Your images should reflect you and your personality and be something you enjoy for a lifetime.

When your photo shoot is over I sit down and we pick out the very best photos. I offer several styles of photo editing that are natural or enhanced depending on what you want. As a professional model photographer I think I can make any senior feel like a model for a day.

Take a few minutes to view my website and you'll see that I can shoot indoors or in studio as needed. I also have a few styles of photography and offer black and white or sepia finishes to the images. I look forward to working with seniors all over NE Ohio! You can contact me at 440-463-1283 or at Thanks for looking!

Roger Bahn

Roger Bahn - Photographer A and D Studio

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I have enjoyed having pets most of my life. My dogs have brought me endless hours of fun and companionship. Who couldn’t resist the pure joy and happiness a dog gives you after a long day at the office. I recently added pet photography to the services that my photography studio offers. Part of my philosophy is to help find rescued pets new homes. I will be working with area animal rescues like the Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village and others around NE Ohio to help find new homes for these pets and to help raise funds for their operations.

Take a moment to see my recent uploads to my portfolio here. You’ll note that the pets that are at shelters have the names of the shelters on the bottom of the pictures. they are ready for adoption!
I hope you enjoy the photos and will take some time to have me photograph your pets and family. You can get more information on my website at: Thanks for looking!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

 "I don't take pictures, I create images and memories that last a lifetime."

As a professional photographer I have seen a wide variety of styles for high school senior pictures and portraits. The vast majority of senior picture photographers stick with old style backdrops or sets that have been used by hundreds of seniors over the years. They utilize the same cookie cutter approach with each persons pictures. This enables them to get people in and out the door as quickly as possible to shoot as many people as they can.

My philosophy at A and D Studio is very different.  I approach each seniors photo session with the idea that I am shooting a model portfolio or for publication in a magazine. My goal is to create a unique portfolio of images for the seniors that will be appreciated for a lifetime. My photo sessions are custom tailored to the individual and what they want in their photos. I shoot in studio and on location as required to get the best possible images from each photography session.

Unlike many photographers I provide edited digital images after the shoot along with a release form so that you can get prints made when and where you want them. You won't be stuck with a box full of photos that end up in storage. I do have several photo printing labs I recommend that are great quality, reasonably priced and have fairly quick turn around times. My normal turn around time for photos from a shoot is less than a week. You won't wait long to see final edited images from me. 

We live in the digital age and I believe service should match the speed that the world runs. I appreciate the word of mouth business that you send to me after you have done a photo shoot. I offer a cash bonus for new clients you refer to me after your photo shoot. I will discuss the details of this program with you after your photo session if you are interested in participating. 

Contact me for more information about scheduling your senior picture portfolio shoot today. My package prices are reasonable starting at only $250!