Monday, February 9, 2015

Every year 1000’s of teens seek to become models. Many attend modeling “schools” where they spend $1000’s only to end up with a rudimentary knowledge of modeling, a cookie cutter portfolio and no real knowledge as to how the modeling business works. As a professional photographer I hear the horror stories of these “schools and agencies” who claim to make models. The reality ends up being a far different experience. I believe that it’s time for a change!

I have been a part of the modeling industry for many years and have helped to launch some pretty successful models. I build unique portfolios for each model I work with that showcase the model in the most professional light. Beyond the photos I have offered new models guidance in finding jobs, understanding the legalities of the business and provided mentoring services. These services are far different from what is taught at a normal modeling school. I believe there are opportunities for all types of models. Understanding the market and how to find jobs is an important part of any models journey in the industry.

If you are an aspiring model and want to learn more about the industry feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with the next generation of models. Take a moment to view my website at Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about modeling.